Rise and shine, Grunerd.com

This website has been part of my life since 2006 and it went through many, many iterations. About 40 designs have been made since then and the result was always the same: I was happy – and stopped caring. Since 2008, I never really blogged. There was too much work to do and I was to knee-deep into websites and blogs of customers, which was the main reason I had no interest in working during my free-time on my own website.

But it’s about time. And with this blog, I want to share some thoughts on topics like movies, video games, game-, software and web development as well as some ideas that simply need to find a way out of my head. And I hope you, the reader, will enjoy my content. Feedback is always appreciated.


“Never apologise for being nerdy, because unnerdy people never apologise for being assholes.”

– John Barrowman

I am Alexander ‘Gruni’ Grunert

Alexander 'Gruni' Grunert

The more I thought about how I could describe myself best, the more I came to the conclusion that a bunch of keywords would do it just fine. I’m a freelance journalist, web designer and soon-to-be game designer based in Germany with a huge crush on the UK.

Video games have always been a huge part of my life – and by October this year,
I am turning this passion into business. While I am currently working full-time on my own game project “Rapid Response”, I’m also about to start studying Game Design at the Hochschule Macromedia – University of Applied Sciences, Stuttgart.

Tiger & EinsteinI’m a huge movie and tv show aficionado. There’s no need to hide my cooking skills and I live together with the two lovely furballs “Einstein” and “Tiger” in my tiny little flat in a small town next to Tübingen.

In addition to that, I love to draw and write short stories by myself. You might find some of them here on Grunerd.com sooner or later as well. Oh and by the way, “Grunerd” is usually the pseudonym which I use when my actual Nickname “Gruni” isn’t available. It’s based on a joke my english teacher made back in school regarding the word “nerd” and it became part of my identity as well.

If you got any additional questions, feel free to let me know.