Ghostbusters (2016) – I am definitely afraid of this trailer

Well, here it is. The first official trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie. And what can I say? We’ve got 4 actresses who basically reprise their roles from other movies. We have Paul Feig’s inability to combine humour with substance. The CGI looks somewhat okay-ish, but the design of the ghosts itself is neither scary, nor an hommage to the original.And all that creates a movie that doesn’t seem to take neither it’s heritage, nor itself for real. It’s surprising, that Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray will apparently have a cameo in this movie, after all that back and forth over the past years.

Nonetheless, this seems to be some sort of hard reboot, as we see the girls discovering all the things we know and love from the first movie again. Yay, the suits. Yay, the blasters. Yay, the new Ecto-1. But the question is: Why? Do we really want to spend one third of the movie or even more time with seeing yet another origin story, that already prepares us for a potential sequel if just enough peeps find their way into the cinema? I can only speak for myself and I have to say: No. I’m going to pass on this one.

We see lots of slapstick. People screaming and punching each other… Oh and yeah, ghosts can posses human beings. And the trailer shows us that Specklissa McMuffins character will be on remote control for a certain part of the movie. So that’s one potential plot-twist we already can’t discover in the movie itself. I bet, there will also be at least one scene in which the whole group is about to be falling apart. And of course, we’ll get a “don’t cross the beams”-moment. And everything will end in a freeze-frame teasing the sequel. It’s so predictive. I can’t even… no, just see yourself. Or better no, don’t. Just pretend this movie doesn’t exist and rewatch the first one. No doubts, you’ll enjoy it more.